Welcome to the Reopening Dance in NYC Website!

Hello, and welcome to the Reopening Dance in NYC website, which hosts the Reopening Dance Standard Recommendations, as well as the Dance Field Specific Scenarios, Resources, Posters, Templates, and more! Using this site is easy and accessible. Here’s how:

Start with our Introduction and read our GUIDE TO USING THIS SITE section. From there, feel free to explore our Methodology, Acknowledgments, Website Accessibility, and Land & Historical Acknowledgements. Then, head over to the Standard Recommendations page, which contains the bulk of our work. For more information, look at the Specific Scenarios, which have individual recommendations for specific roles in the dance industry! Finally, we have a wealth of Posters & Templates that you can use, as well as many Resources for dance artists on COVID, Racial Justice, Financial Support, and more! If there are things you don’t understand, the Glossary and FAQs will be able to help you!

This is where the Latest Update to the Reopen Dance in NYC Website will live. Updates will look like this:  

Included updates to [SECTION] on [CONTENT] and [DATE] with brief descriptions of the updates.

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