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Key to NYC



Posters and signs should be utilized to communicate the following practices:(explore signs linked above, or use specific ones suggested below)

Communications Plan

Responsible Parties should develop a communications plan for employees and visitors, and customers that includes applicable instructions, training, signage, and a consistent means to provide employees with information. Responsible Parties should work with building management to help facilitate any building-wide communications. Responsible Parties may consider developing webpages, text and email groups, and social media.

Communication Guidelines and Templates

Returning to Studio

Organizations need to have a plan to address non employees who refuse to comply with screening required by NYS guidelines.

Mask Policy Templates:

Talking to people who refuse to wear masks:

Waivers, Screening, Testing

Responsible Parties must implement mandatory daily health screening practices for employees, patrons, and, where practicable, contractors and vendors, but such screening shall not be mandated for delivery personnel. Understand that a waiver doesn’t eliminate employer responsibility, can we have artists (teaching artists or dancers rehearsing, sign a statement saying they have read the safety protocols we are undertaking and are comfortable teaching/joining rehearsals and if at any time they are not comfortable, they are free to leave without losing payment). Keep in mind the difference when it comes to dancers (union vs. non unionized). Waivers may not have legal standing in court.

Sample Waiver Concerning COVID-19:

Screening and Testing

Sign-in upon entering the facility (or prior via remote check-in), providing their full name, address, and phone number for use in contact tracing efforts.

  • Sample Attendance Log
  • The sign-in process may be conducted through any means that the Responsible Parties establish to collect the above contact information, including but not limited to a digital application, barcode reader, swipe card reader, and/or paper form.
  • Responsible Parties must maintain a record of the aforementioned sign-in data for a minimum period of 28 days and make such data available to state and local health departments upon request.
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