Welcome Message from Alejandra Duque Cifuentes and Gina Gibney

Welcome to the Reopening Dance in NYC Website! This website and all of its content are made possible through the dance community’s dedication to supporting each other. As a collective effort between DanceNYC, Gibney, and multiple dance community members, these guidelines aim to help the dance community overcome the COVID-19 pandemic safely and equitably.

Updates as of July 14, 2021

As per Governor Cuomo’s June 15 announcement, New York State’s COVID-19 Restrictions and New York Forward Industry Guidance has been lifted across many commercial settings. Due to this lift of NYS COVID-19 Restrictions and New York Forward Industry Guidance, we’ve made changes to the Standard Recommendations, Dance Field Scenarios, FAQ Page, and Posters/Templates pages. Guidance that is no longer mandatory has been archived but is still included in our Reopening Guidelines for reference and as a resource.

Updates as of May 28, 2021

We’ve updated our Standard Recommendations, Dance Field Scenarios, and FAQ Page to reflect changes in guidance as of May 19th regarding capacity limits for most businesses in New York, and New York’s adoption of CDC guidance for fully vaccinated people around masks and social distancing.

Updates as of 5/5

We’ve updated our Standard Recommendations, and Dance Field Scenarios for Performance Venues and Dance Presenters/Performance Venues to reflect New York State Department of Health Interim Guidance for Small and Medium Scale Performing Arts & Entertainment

We’ve also updated our Standard Recommendations, Dance Field Scenarios, and FAQ page to reflect updates to the NYS Department of Health Travel Advisory.

Additionally, we have added to our list of Resources.

Updates as of April 28, 2021

We’ve updated our Resources with new resources under Government, COVID-19, Advocacy, Government Outreach; Surveys, Petitions and Open Letters; Mental Health; Financial Support, General Support, Financial Resources for Independent Artists; Event Management; Additional, Additional Resources For Independent Artists, and we added the new Additional Resources for Undocumented Artists section.

Updates as of April 19, 2021

We’ve updated our Resources with new resources under Surveys, Dance Field Engagement, Financial Resources for BIPOC/Undocumented/LGBTQIA+ Communities, Additional Resources for Arts Organizations, and Additional Resources for Individual Artists.

We have also added the Dance/NYC Field-Wide Call Session with Pavan Thimmaiah on De-escalation Techniques and Inspections to the Dance Studio Managers Scenario page and the Resources under Facilities.

Updates as of April 5, 2021

We’ve updated our Standard Recommendations and Dance Field Scenarios pages after Governor Cuomo’s announcements that Group Fitness Classes can reopen as of March 22nd at 33% capacity, and that Arts and Entertainment Venues can reopen as of April 2nd at 33% capacity.

We’ve also updated our Standard Recommendations and applicable Dance Field Scenarios to reflect the NY Forward Guidelines for Gyms and Fitness Centers.

We’ve made changes to our FAQ page and Standard Recommendations after Governor Cuomo’s announcement that quarantine will no longer be required for domestic travelers as of April 1st.

We’ve added information on the new Excelsior Pass to our Dance Presenters/Performance Venues and Performance Venue Visitors/Renters Scenario Pages.

We’ve added information on vaccines to our Standard Recommendations and FAQ page.

We’ve added a resource on Coronavirus Scams: Types and How to Avoid Them from Fiscal Tiger on our Resources Page.

Updates as of March 8, 2021

We’ve updated our Dance Field Scenarios pages for Performance Venues and Dance Presenters/Performance Venues following Governor Cuomo’s announcement that beginning April 2, event, arts, and entertainment venues can reopen at 33 percent capacity, up to 100 people indoors and up to 200 people outdoors. Stay tuned for more updates to our Standard Recommendations page following the release of guidelines from NY Forward!